NSP Scholarship Payment 2023-24 Released, Fresh and Renewal, Track Your Payment

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NSP Scholarship Payment: In this article, I am pleased to announce that the NSP Scholarship 2023-24 payment has been disbursed. This is great news for all students who have applied for the NSP scholarship for the 2023-24 session. The NSP Site Payment has been released as part of the scheme. I will provide detailed information about all the schemes, including the timeline for the release of the NSP scholarship payment 2023-24 and how to track it. Many students may not be aware of how to check their NSP payment or how they can benefit from it. Therefore, I will cover all these aspects in today’s discussion.

NSP Scholarship Payment 2023-24

The latest updates on NSP Scholarship Payment 2023-24 have been released. Numerous students have recently received their payments for the NSP Scholarship. This scholarship program offers various schemes, each with different payment dates and procedures. Recently, students from universities in the Central Region received scholarship funds under the CSS Scheme, which provides 12,000 scholarships annually. One of the most common schemes is the National Merit Scholarship Scheme, which also provides payments for both new and renewal cases.

NSP Scholarship Payment

If you have submitted a fresh application for the scholarship, your form will need to undergo verification. Once all verification levels are completed, you will be eligible for selection in the merit list. If your name is shortlisted in the merit list, you can apply to receive the scholarship directly into your bank account.

NSP Scholarship Payment DBT Form Verification of Students

  • To begin with, once you have submitted your scholarship application to NSP, you will proceed with the institute verification form.
  • Once the institute form is verified, you will need to submit the form to the District State Nodal Officer.
  • Your selection will then be considered by the District State Nodal Officer after the verification process. If your name appears on the shortlisted merit list, you will be eligible to receive the scholarship amount.
  • Subsequently, your form will be sent to PFMS for payment.
  • Once your PFMS status is confirmed, you will receive monthly payments.
  • It is important to ensure that your bank account is linked to DBT. If it is not linked, I recommend linking your Aadhar card with your bank account.
NSP Scholarship Payment

NSP Scholarship Payment 2023-24 Fresh & Renewal Payment Date

The payment dates for NSP 2023-24 fresh and renewal payments have been announced. Students are informed that payments are typically disbursed between April and May each year. If your verification process is complete, you can expect to receive your payment within one to two months. Renewal students will start receiving payments from May onwards.

Various schemes such as the Central Sector Scheme, National Merit Scholarship, Pragati Scholarship, Saksham Scholarship, as well as the Central Scheme and UGC Scheme like Ishan Uday Scholarship payments for 2023-24 will be released promptly.

How to Track NSP Scholarship Payment 2023-24

To track your NSP payment for the year 2023-24, you can follow these steps on your PFMS portal.

  • Initially, visit the PFMS portal at https://pfms.nic.in/SitePages/TrackNSPpayments.aspx
    To check the payment status of PFMS and track NSP payment, click on the Track NSP Payment option.
  • Upon clicking, you will see various details such as entering your bank details, account number, or application ID.
  • You will also need to complete a word verification to view the results for the current and previous years, indicating whether you have received the scholarship and the amount.
    Next, check the DBT status by selecting the category, filling in the NSP option, entering your application ID, and choosing the benefits and payments you wish to verify.
  • Complete the capture code and click on the search button to view the results at https://pfms.nic.in/SitePages/DBT_StatusTracker.aspx.
  • If your bank account is not linked to your Aadhar card, ensure to link it first to receive government benefits through DBT.

NSP Scholarship Payment FAQs

What to do if the NSP scholarship is not credited?

Ensure that the bank account information provided during the application process is accurate. Any mistakes in the account number, name, or IFSC code can prevent the scholarship amount from being credited. 

Why is my NSP payment pending?

Every year, the NSP receives a massive number of applications, exceeding over 3 million in 2023. This can overwhelm the processing system, leading to delays in verification and disbursement

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