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The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) Post Matric has been a game-changer in facilitating financial assistance for students pursuing post-matric studies. As we enter 2023, the NSP continues to be a crucial platform for those seeking scholarships to ease the burden of education expenses. In this article, we will guide you through the application process and address common FAQs related to the NSP for Post Matric 2023.

National Scholarship Portal Post Matric Eligibility Criteria:

  • Post-Matric Level of Education:
    • Applicants must have completed their matriculation (class 10) and be enrolled in a post-matric level course, starting from class 11 and onwards.
  • Income Criteria:
    • The applicant’s family income should fall within the specified limits the scholarship provider sets. This criterion ensures that the financial assistance reaches those most need it.
  • Category and Caste:
    • The scholarship is often available for students belonging to specific categories such as SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe), OBC (Other Backward Classes), and other minority communities.
  • Minimum Percentage:
    • Some scholarships may have a minimum academic requirement. Applicants might need to maintain a certain percentage in their previous qualifying examination.

Documents Required for Application:

  • Proof of Identity:
    • Aadhar card, passport, or any other government-issued identification document.
  • Income Certificate:
    • A document verifying the family’s income, is often issued by a competent authority.
  • Caste Certificate:
    • If applicable, a caste certificate is required, especially for applicants from SC, ST, OBC, or other minority communities.
  • Educational Documents:
    • Mark sheets and certificates from the last qualifying examination.
  • Domicile Certificate:
    • A document proving the applicant’s residence in a particular state or region.
  • Bank Account Details:
    • Information about the applicant’s bank account, including the account number and IFSC code, for the disbursement of scholarship funds.
  • Recent Passport-sized Photographs:
    • Typically, a few recent passport-sized photographs may be required for identification purposes.
  • Bonafide Certificate from the Institute:
    • A certificate from the educational institution confirming the applicant’s enrollment and course details.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the Official Website: The first step is to visit the official National Scholarship Portal website ( Navigate to the ‘New Registration’ section.
  2. Registration: Provide accurate information during registration. Ensure that you have a valid email address and mobile number as these will be used for communication throughout the application process.
  3. Fill in the Application Form: Complete the application form with all the required details. Double-check the information to avoid any errors. The form typically includes personal details, academic information, and bank account details.
  4. Upload Documents: Attach the necessary documents, such as proof of identity, income certificate, and academic records. Make sure the documents are clear and meet the specified requirements.
  5. Submit the Application: After filling in the details and uploading the documents, review your application. Once satisfied, submit the application. Note down the application number for future reference.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

  • Financial Assistance:
    • The primary benefit is financial support to cover educational expenses such as tuition fees, books, and accommodation.
  • Empowerment of Marginalized Communities:
    • By providing scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds, the program aims to empower these communities and promote inclusivity in education.
  • Encouraging Higher Education:
    • The scholarship encourages students to pursue higher education by removing financial barriers, thus fostering academic growth and personal development.
  • Skill Development:
    • Some scholarships may also support skill development initiatives, providing students with the opportunity to enhance their skills and employability.


The National Scholarship Portal plays a pivotal role in supporting students pursuing post-matric studies. By providing financial assistance, it opens doors to education for many who might otherwise face financial constraints. As you embark on your application journey for the Post Matric Scholarship in 2023, ensure that you follow the steps diligently and refer to the official NSP website for the latest information.

Greetings, my friends! I am Syed Arbana, a seasoned and meticulous Professional Content Writer. I am dedicated to ensuring the thorough verification of every piece of content before it gets uploaded, maintaining complete transparency throughout the process.

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