PM Kisan eKYC, Beneficiary Status, 14th Installment Release

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PM Kisan eKYC The PM Kisan is an important government initiative aimed at supporting farmers across India. Through this program, farmers can undergo an electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ensure their eligibility and receive financial assistance from the government. In this article, we will delve into the details of PM Kisan eKYC, provide insights into checking beneficiary status, and discuss the release of the 14th installment. Let’s explore this comprehensive guide and understand the intricacies of this program.

PM Kisan eKYC

PM Kisan eKYC is a process of verifying the identity of farmers who are registered under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme. It is done using the Aadhaar number of the farmer. The eKYC process is mandatory for all farmers who want to receive PM-KISAN benefits.

The eKYC process can be done online or offline. To do it online, farmers need to visit the PM-KISAN website and enter their Aadhaar number and mobile number. They will then receive an OTP on their mobile number. Once they enter the OTP, their eKYC will be completed.

How can I get KYC PM Kisan online?

To complete the PM Kisan eKYC, farmers need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official PM Kisan portal.
  • Log in to your account using your registered credentials.
  • Locate the eKYC section and click on it.
  • Provide the necessary details, including Aadhaar card information, bank account details, and personal information.
  • Submit the application and wait for the verification process to be completed.

How can I use eKYC on mobile?

eKYC, or electronic Know Your Customer, is a digital process for verifying the identity of a customer. It is often used in mobile applications to allow customers to open accounts or make transactions without having to provide physical documentation. There are two main ways to use eKYC on mobile:

  • Through a third-party provider: This is the most common way to use eKYC on mobile. The app developer will partner with a third-party provider that offers eKYC services. The provider will then provide the app developer with the necessary tools and APIs to integrate eKYC into the app.
  • In-house: Some app developers choose to build their own eKYC solution. This can be a more complex and expensive option, but it gives the app developer more control over the process.

How to pass PM Kisan eKYC verification?

There are two ways to pass PM Kisan KYC verification:

  • OTP-based eKYC: This is the most common way to do KYC for PM Kisan. You can do it online by following these steps:
    1. Go to the official PM Kisan website.
    2. Click on the “e-KYC” option under the “Farmers Corner” section.
    3. Enter your Aadhaar number and click on “Proceed”.
    4. You will receive a four-digit OTP on your registered mobile number.
    5. Enter the OTP and click on “Submit”.
  • Biometric-based eKYC: This method requires you to visit a nearby CSC (Common Service Center) center. The CSC operator will scan your Aadhaar card and take your fingerprints. The system will then verify your identity and complete the KYC process.

How can I check my beneficiary status in PM Kisan?

Farmers can check their PM Kisan beneficiary status by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official PM Kisan portal.
  2. Navigate to the “Beneficiary Status” section.
  3. Enter the required details, such as your Aadhaar card number, mobile number, or account number.
  4. Click on the “Get Data” button to retrieve the beneficiary status.

What is the date of PM Kisan’s 14th installment?

The 14th installment release under the PM Kisan scheme marks another significant step in supporting farmers across India. The installment aims to provide financial relief and support agricultural activities for the benefit of the farming community. The release of the 14th installment is an eagerly anticipated event for farmers. While the exact date may vary, the government strives to disburse the installment in a timely manner. Farmers are advised to stay updated through official channels for announcements regarding the release date.

How can I check my PM Kisan 14th installment status in 2023?

There are two ways to check your PM Kisan 14th installment status in 2023:

  • Through the PM Kisan website:
    1. Go to the PM Kisan website:
    2. Click on the “Beneficiary Status” tab.
    3. Enter your Aadhaar number or bank account number.
    4. Click on the “Submit” button.
    5. You will be able to see the status of your 14th installment.
  • Through the PM Kisan SMS service:
    1. Send an SMS to 8928103284 with the following text:
      • Beneficiary Status: If you want to check the status of your 14th installment.
      • Beneficiary List: If you want to check if your name is on the beneficiary list for the 14th installment.
    2. You will receive an SMS with the status of your 14th installment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often are the PM Kisan installments released?

A: The PM Kisan installments are released in a structured manner throughout the year, typically in four equal quarterly installments.

Q: Can farmers update their bank account details for PM Kisan payments?

A: Yes, farmers can update their bank account details by logging into their PM Kisan account and following the necessary steps.

Q: What should farmers do if their PM Kisan application is rejected?

A: In case of application rejection, farmers should review the rejection reasons and rectify any discrepancies. They can then reapply with the correct information.


The PM Kisan eKYC, Beneficiary Status, 14th Installment Release program plays a vital role in supporting farmers across India. By simplifying the verification process, checking beneficiary status, and ensuring timely disbursement, the government aims to uplift the farming community.

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